Loading Up and Moving Out


Moving while 26 weeks pregnant with triplets (let alone moving all together) is not an easy task!!! Ryan and I were so incredibly fortunate to have friends, family, and new friends come and help us move, pack, and clean this weekend. I am truly blown away by the generous and loving hearts of those around us to give their time, their Saturdays, and their strong muscles and cleaning skills to help us as we move. Thank you so much Danielle and Rony, Nicole and Ryan, Patrick, Mom and Dad, and the Response Church Volunteers who so beautifully offered their hands to us this weekend to help us move on out!!!

My heart is so humbled. Some of these people are my family, some I barely knew, and some I never even met; yet they were cleaning my bathroom, moving furniture to my parents house, putting up old nasty blinds, and clearing out all of our cabinets. We were so blessed by this amazing crew of loved ones who helped us. They were all machines!!!! #thedreamteam



My sister is so buff!!


Literally these girls were cleaning parts of my cabinets that haven’t been touched in 6 years. O M G. Wow!!! THANK YOU!!!


My sweet nephew even pitched in a helping hand!!!



The guys were awesome and STRONG!!! We were able to get nearly everything on our list accomplished!! So thankful for family, close friends, and the giving hearts of the people from The Response Church!


Ryan has a very special puzzle clock that he made with his Grandfather before he passed away. It is very fragile and is incredibly sentimental to him. While, my sister, was helping us pack she pulled it out from under our bed and it broke to pieces. She came out in the hall holding it in her arms. I thought I was going to cry because I knew how special it was to Ryan. Oh no. “We have to put it back together!!!” So no fear, we worked together to put the clock puzzle back together for Ry:)


We ordered Costco pizza for everyone for lunch. It was a zoo there!! I waited in the longest line to get our pizzas and finally got to the front of the line. I was about to pay for them all to find out that they only take cash, check, or american express!!! Too bad all I had in my hand was my credit card. So frustrated and bummed.  I called Ryan and told him the situation and he told me he would be on his way with some money as soon as he got done unloading at my Mom’s. So I decided to wait for him. Literally seconds later, this lovely and giving woman, gave me money to pay for our pizza. She was so thoughtful, kind, giving, generous, WOW!!! Who does that? My heart was so touched by her giving heart. Thank you for blessing us with lunch!!!!!


It is amazing what happens when people come together. Wow. We have been so fortunate to have so much help during this move. It has been more needed than I even realized and is incredibly humbling. God is teaching my heart so much about this time of rest and it is so beautiful to see the hearts of others. Also, thank you to Maria, Angela, Shawna, and Carly who have also made trips down in the last week or so to help pack and take loads to my Mom’s. Ryan and I are so fortunate and so blessed to have you and THANK YOU to each one of  you who have offered your love, time, support, and helping hands during this time!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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