Fortin Trio Update: 25 Weeks


I am 25 weeks pregnant with my darling trio. We had an appointment this week and all three babies are doing so well. I was especially excited because Ryan has the week off and was able to join me at my appointment. It has been awhile since he has seen the babies in an ultrasound. Charlize continues to remain down low and the boys are up top by my ribs. All three babies had their heads down and bums up, which explains why I have gotten so many kicks from my boys at the top of my ribs! They are measuring wonderful, as well:

Charlize Hope: 1lb 15 oz.

Sawyer Reed: 1lb 15 oz.

Jax Ryan: 1lb 13 oz.

Our Doctor is still very pleased with how we all are doing. I am on a rest as needed basis, which is pretty often. My cervix shortened to a 3.3, but our Doctor is still happy with how it’s looking. Please be praying it stays above a 2.5!!

Fun Facts:

1. I am measuring 34 weeks pregnant.

2. My belly touches my legs when I sit down.

3. I weigh 151 pounds.

4. I can still shave my legs, kinda.

5. We’re MOVING!!!! So thankful for the friends and family who have been there for us, especially through this move!!! It is not easy moving while pregnant and I feel so fortunate for those who have offered their time and love to be their for us! Thank you!!!


This is Carly. She is one of my bestest friends. I love her so much and am so thankful to have her in my life. A little over two years ago, Carly, gave birth to her precious baby boy, Hudson Reed. She was 6 months pregnant when she went into early labor and her darling Hudson went home to be with Jesus shortly after he was born. I will never forget that day. Speechless and so broken hearted for my dear friend as she held her precious son in her arms. Hudson has always had a special place in my heart. Though his home now resides in Heaven, I think about what it would have been like to be his Auntie and love and spoil him to pieces!! Our Son, Sawyer Reed, shares a middle name with Hudson. We knew we wanted Hudson to always be remembered in our hearts, which is why we chose Reed for Sawyer’s middle name.

Carly came by to visit and help us pack boxes for moving! She also spoiled our little ones with the cutest swimsuits and sunglasses for next summer!!! Oh melt my heart my little summer babies!!!


I was so blessed to share in an afternoon last week with my Mom’s best friend, Bambi. It was so good to share in some good laughs!! And she spoiled our little ones!!!


I was so blessed to share in a special afternoon visiting our Fertility Clinic, Reproductive Partners La Jolla. Dr. Friedman and all our nurses were so fabulous and so loving through our journey!! It brought my heart great joy to visit with them!!!!


A special THANK YOU to my MOM for painting our bedrooms and nursery, as we prepare to move in with them!! YOU are the best and you are already such an amazing Grandma to our littles!!


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