Fortin Trio Update: 24 Weeks


I am 24 weeks pregnant with my darling hope babies. We are doing so good!!

At my appointment last week my cervix was measuring a 3.9 (woohoo) and my Doctor said if it can stay above a 2.5 now through 32 weeks then my cervix shouldn’t be a problem as we try and reach our goal of 35 weeks. I am so thankful I had my cerclage earlier in my pregnancy. I know it will and already has really helped me keep my sweet ones in! I am certainly slowing down physically pretty quickly. My feet and legs started to feel the pressure of this growing belly and it is hard at times, however, I continue to be thankful that I am not completely bedridden!

We were at church last weekend and discovered how much our babies love worship music!!! Our trio kicked all throughout the service. It was so cute and precious. So, later that night we decided to play some more music for them. I put Ryan’s headphones around my belly and once again, they went crazy!!! Our little cuties are movers!! Every night we read a chapter in the Bible to them and tell them how much Jesus loves them. It is something I treasure!!


Ryan and I also have BIG news. After prayers and God’s incredible timing we have decided to move in with my parents. I am truly so touched by their welcoming hearts, as not only are they bringing Ry and I in, but our precious babies, as well. It is certainly humbling moving back home.  However, it is such a wise and good decision for us. There are so many positive aspects about us moving home. How could we not? We will be occupying the second floor in their home, which is amazing. We have been living in our little 2 bedroom condo for 5 and a half years and we love it here, but God knows so much more than we do and we are thankful for this opportunity.

We were also so blessed by Megan Hartley Photography!! Megan captured an amazing Maternity Session. Thank you so much beautiful girl!! We were so blessed to have you capture this special time and we adore these photos.

Go like her page: Megan Hartley Photography







I was so honored to share my story in a series called “My Story is Beautiful” on Allison Ramsing’s blog. Click here to check it out: My Story is Beautiful

I was able to share in an afternoon with these beautiful girls and their amazing parents. They got us adorable little Hawaiian outfits for our cuties!!


God has truly blessed me with an AMAZING pregnancy. I am so thankful. I love being pregnant. I love the journey God has given me. Feeling my babies move brings me the greatest joy. Time is flying by!! And we have lot to do between now and the next 11 weeks as we prepare for their arrival!!!

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