Fortin Trio Update: 23 Weeks


I had my 23 week appointment today and I am just so proud of my little munchkins. They are doing so well!! All three were moving like crazy. It was amazing seeing them move on the ultrasound and feeling them move in my womb all at the same time. Wow!!! Charlize and Sawyer were playing hard to get when it came to getting their heartbeats because they were having their own little womb party. My cervix is measuring wonderfully. Thank you Jesus!!! The babies and I are doing so well that my Doctor is letting me skip my appointment next week. I am on a roll. woohoo!!

Video from our ultrasound today: 

I can feel my body slowing down and I spend a lot of time laying on the couch and resting, but am not completely restricted to my bed. Yeay!!!

Our Baby Names: I thought I would share how we chose our baby names.

Charlize Hope: Charlize was the very first name we thought of a few years ago. We knew if we had a daughter her name would be Charlize. Ryan loves Charlize Theron (not that she was our inspiration haha), but it is such a beautiful name. Hope, of course, represents our journey to parenthood and how God made Hope the anchor of hearts through every step of this walk.

Sawyer Reed: Ryan and I had a hard time agreeing on boy names, so when we both liked the name Sawyer, we locked it in. Sawyer’s middle name, Reed, is named after a close friend’s son, who is now an angel in Heaven. His name is Hudson Reed and we wanted them to share middle names, so we could honor and remember how special he is in our hearts.

Jax Ryan: We were sold on Jax because of the meaning: God provides. His middle name is after his adorable and amazing Daddy.

5 Things I miss:

1. Sex

2. Wine

3. Coffee

4. Hot Bubble Baths

5. Sleeping on my tummy

All worth it, of course!!!!

Ryan is a Teacher at Del Mar Pines Elementary and they through us the most adorable shower. Thank you so much Del Mar Pines for spoiling us to pieces!!!! We love you!!!


5 thoughts on “Fortin Trio Update: 23 Weeks

  1. I am an old Mom of three sons. My sons are 25, 27, and 29. We went through miscarriages–I could get pregnant but could not always make it to term. We are so thankful that we finally were blessed with three healthy talented sons. Your story is such an amazing one. I am loving the updates–feel like a “step-grandma”!! I stumbled on your story via Facebook. You look wonderful–very healthy and happy and beautiful. Keep up the good work. Rest when you can–it’s amazing how tired you can get that last trimester with one baby–I can’t imagine how carrying three would feel. I look forward to your next updates and can’t wait to see pics of those beautiful babies.

    • Aww 3 sons!! wow!!!
      You are so sweet. I am so blessed to have you share in our journey. I am sorry to hear of your struggles, as well, but how beautiful that God gave you 3 precious sons!!!
      Thank you so much. I am feeling good, but definitely resting a lot. My legs and feet are starting to get achy so I find myself laying down more often haha So so blessed by your beautiful heart. Thank you for following our journey!! and loving us each step of the way!

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