Fortin Trio Update: 22 Weeks


Our darling trio is doing just fabulous. I am 22 weeks pregnant and growing fast. Our babies are measuring wonderful and the Doctor is very pleased. I absolutely LOVE feeling them move.  It is so incredible. The first baby I felt move was one of my boys and I instantly burst into tears. It was a moment I have long awaited and the feeling of them moving is more perfect than I could have ever imagined.

Cravings: 5 Guys Hamburgers, Oranges, and Juice

Before I was pregnant I was certain I would not be that pregnant woman that just ate whatever she wanted (let alone 5 Guys Hamburgers), however there is something about pregnancy cravings that take control of your entire being and you just have to have whatever it is you are craving. No questions asked!


Bed rest: I can feel my body slowing down, which is especially hard considering my fast pace personality and how active I usually am. However, I am super thankful that I am still somewhat mobile and not on complete bed rest. I lay down and rest pretty often, usually when back pain kicks in, but overall I am feeling pretty good.

Fun facts:

1. I sleep with 5 pillows.

2. Getting out of bed is a process.

3. I love singing songs about Jesus to my babies.

4. I can use my belly as a table when I eat.

5. I am completely and entirely grossed out by chicken.

Our Littles:

Charlize Hope 1 pound 3 oz (measuring 2 days ahead of schedule)

image (5)

Jax Ryan 1 pound 7 ounces (measuring 7 days ahead of schedule)

image (7)

Sawyer Reed 1 pound 6 ounces (measuring 6 days ahead of schedule)

image (4)

Sawyer’s head is currently squished between Charlize and Jax, that’s why his head is hard to see. Poor little guy!

All 3 babes

image (6)

We had a Maternity session with White Haute Photography (@whitehautephoto) last weekend and here are some of the pictures. I couldn’t be happier and was so blessed to have such talented photographers capture this special time. Go like their page–they are incredible:

11222105_10103607637128103_8647312717213761670_o 10557007_10103607637422513_6922502769208634306_o 10575190_10103607637038283_413474923733354507_o 11051945_10103607637222913_4553982381649528707_o

As well, my dear friend, Marissa Ellis, just started a new esty shop @byhandprints and created this beautiful print in honor of our Journey of Hope.  Hewbrews 6:19 was one of my favorite Bible verses that got me through our infertility season. Check out her shop for more prints, banners, cards, etc.::


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