The Most Successful Triplet Pregnancy


“You know the most successful triplet pregnancies occur if you have given birth before, if you are tall, or if you are much heavier than what you are.”

Wow. I fall into none of those categories. In an instant I was completely overwhelmed with defeat, questioning my ability to carry three healthy babies. I was speechless. I didn’t even know how to respond to my Perinatologist, who I had just met several minutes earlier. It didn’t matter how factual this information may have been, what I needed, especially from my Doctor, was support and encouragement that I CAN do this. Although, it may not have been her intention to crowd my heart with discouragement, I certainly did not receive “the facts” all that well. I didn’t get any warm fuzzy bubbly feelings from her and was feeling a bit overwhelmed as our appointment continued.

I was looking forward to my ultrasound, as it is always a joy to see our three little ones. We got to hear and see the heartbeats, which is truly so remarkable and moments I will always treasure on our journey. The sound of their fluttering beating hearts made my heart so full of love.

As our doctor completed our ultrasound, she asked me a truly unbearable and heartbreaking question:

“Do you want a reduction?”

In translation, do I want to abort one or two of my babies? We had just seen three strong beating hearts and this was the question I was faced with. I realize this might be something all doctors are required to ask in situations similar to mine. However, my heart was suddenly grieving and saddened by her question. So many thoughts ran through my mind. Unfortunately, reductions for women in my position do happen and I can only speak for myself as I share what this personal experience made me feel. I never imagined that at some point along our journey, once I finally fell pregnant, I would be asked “Do you want a reduction?” I have been so desperate to have a child, patiently waiting on the Lord, and now I have three growing inside me. There is life in my womb and my heart broke at the thought of the question alone. This was never an option for us.

I simply responded with: “No. Considering our faith and the complete joy we feel for our babies who are literally miracles, a reduction would never be something we would consider.”

This appointment turned out to be nothing of what I thought it would . Part of me felt like the joy was sucked right out of me and traded for intimidation and a lack of confidence. I left feeling pretty overwhelmed, defeated, and saddened. I knew immediately that the doctor I was given was not the right doctor for me. So, we made some changes quickly. Despite how discouraging this was, I know that I am more than capable of carrying our triplets. God has richly blessed us with our trio. In my heart, I believe the “the most successful triplet pregnancy” is exactly what I am doing. I am doing all that I can physically to take care of myself and our babies and everything else I have to give to the Lord and trust that He will help me get through this season of pregnancy and be with each one of our growing babies. There is only so much that you can really control. It reminds me so much of our infertility season, which was ultimately based on trust and hope in the Lord. God faithfully designed every intricate detail of our journey to parenthood. I trust in Him and know that He blessed my womb triple fold. And I believe that He will give me the most successful triplet pregnancy because He has painted every detail of our story so beautifully. Instead of being completely overwhelmed by this high risk pregnancy, I am soaking each day in with my little ones continually telling them how much they are loved and treasured, knowing that God is with us as we wait upon the arrival of our miracle babies.

45 thoughts on “The Most Successful Triplet Pregnancy

  1. Destiny,
    It is rare to find a great perintologist. I have gone through 2 at UCI and am on to the amazing number 3!!!! It took prayer after prayer and visit after visit, error upon error. God is faithful and guided me to Dr. Mcnulty (perintologist ) at LB memorial. Wow, what a difference. God is so good I now feel like it’s home when I go to the dr instead of totally uncomfortable and unsure ofwhat’s next. We are very excited to welcome our girl in 5 weeks. I know that God will continue to bless your little family immensely. P.s. I switched to my new dr at month 6, very scary but sooo worth it.

    • Aww thank you!
      Yeah–God is so good. He gave us a WONDERFUL perinatologist!!! It is amazing how much better you feel once you find the right doctor!!!
      WOW!!! I love how you switched your doctor at 6 months–so worth it!!!! sometimes you have to advocate for yourself. CONGRATS on your baby girl!!! so so excited for you!!! all my love!!!!

  2. Congratulations. 🙂 We hope you will honor this wonderful gift from the creator by respecting your sons’ human right to genital autonomy. Human rights do not end at birth. Please take a look at this playlist:

    This comment is not intended to offend, but to educate. Many American parents do not know that there is no medically valid reason to amputate prepuces from healthy baby boys; many mothers say, “I wish someone had told me that I didn’t have to have that done to him.”

    Care of the intact child is so much easier than caring for the child who has a genital cutting wound. Basically, just leave it alone. Some people (including some ignorant doctors and nurses) may try to tell you that parents should retract the child’s prepuce and scrub it out, which is absolutely untrue. Here are intact child care instructions, written by knowledgeable physicians:

    The number of Americans who are having genital cutting done to their babies is dropping; nowadays, about half of all baby boys are left natural. Worldwide, about 80 percent of men are natural/intact. The vast majority of European men are intact, which includes the pro-life countries of Italy, Spain, and Ireland.

    After all you’ve gone through to start your remarkable family, why treat two of your children as though they are in immediate need of cosmetic surgery just because they are boys? 🙂

  3. Amen!!!!!! I’m so glad you took the steps to change Perinatologists! Can’t wait to continue following your amazing pregnancy!

    • Thank you so much!! We are overjoyed!!!
      I am sooo happy I did too–we oculdnt be happier with our Perinatologist now. She is just fabulous!!!!
      Thank you for sharing in the joy of this special time with us!

  4. I’m praying for your three babies!

    “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”
    Jeremiah 1:5

    God knows what he’s doing, he doesn’t make mistakes.

    • Thank you so much!!! So appreciate your love and prayers!! God is so amazing!! His intricate details for our story are one of hope and it makes my heart so full. so blessed!! So appreciate the love!!!
      That is one of my favorite Bible verses!!! Love love love!!!!

  5. You will be fine. I was 5’1″ and carried triplets to 36 weeks. All were over 4 lbs and only stayed a week in the NIC Unit. God will be with you. I am so happy for you and all the years ahead. My girl and 2 boys are now 21 years old. What a blessing it has been!

    • SO ENCOURAGING to hear!!!! you go girl!!! I am hoping to master that as well!!! I know God has us and I am just trusting Him as walk through this pregnancy!!! He has already blessed me with our trio and an amazing pregnancy. It is so refreshing to hear that you shared in a great experience with your three!!! So excited to be apart of the triplet club!!!! Thank you

  6. Congratulations! I’m a stranger, but was once in your shoes. I had a successful IVF baby boy (2 transferred) who is now 16. We had one failed IVF, then another successful IVF (with twins, that I later lost). Enjoy the journey, trust your God, and be happy! God took us on another path of parenthood through adoption after we lost our twins. Parenthood is amazing!

    • Thank you so much!!! So appreciate the love.
      Congrats on your sweet IVF babe–wow 16!! i am sure the time flies!!!!
      I am so sorry to hear of your struggles and your losses. I am sure that must have been so hard and heartbreaking!!
      I love hearing the journeys God takes us. They are all different. How beautiful that He also blessed your family through adoption!! Thank you for sharing yourr heart with me. I am so touched!!
      Sending so much love!!!

  7. Hi, I read about your story, which led me to your blog, on yahoo. I NEVER comment on any blogs, but I wanted to send you my encouragement, as I too was diagnosed with PCOS and I was told I was infertile. My story is a bit different, as I was blessed with twins. Although I know triplets is another ball game entirely, I know what it is like to feel intimidated to face a high-risk pregnancy. My advice is to trust your gut. Don’t let anyone/fact/statistic discourage you and your faith. A pregnancy of multiples is challenging but isn’t impossible.
    My boys arrived 8 weeks early and are now healthy, happy 1 year olds. Hang in there and congratulations! Enjoy this chapter in your life and the special moments between you and your growing babies.

    • Aww thank you so much for reaching out!!!
      Congrats on your twins!!! I am a twin and LOVE IT!!!!
      And ocngrats for kicking PCOS and infertility in the booties!!!
      tHANK YOU for your advice–i think that “trusting my gut” has really helped us along the way.
      I am soaking in this pregnancy…it has been amazing and I cannot wait until our precious babes are here.
      thank you again

  8. Just found your blog thanks to Yahoo parenting. This is such a beautiful and wonderful post. Congratulations on your pregnancy; you and your family are now in my prayers!

  9. I do not even know you but I am so happy for you and your husband. I can definitely relate to your story. There are differences but quite a few similarities. My husband I tried to conceive for seven months without any luck. At the time I was 25 years old and I thought everything was okay but decided to set an appointment with my obgyn. Then that’s when I was diagnosed with PCOS and low progesterone. I had never heard of it but over time came quite acquainted with it. We tried to conceive for a total of three years. We tried two rounds of clomid and two IUIs. After this we decided to take a break and I decided to pursue grad school. I later went back to have a physical and sono to check and see how my PCOS was progressing and to my surprise I found I was 4weeks pregnant. The baby was not yet visible on the sono just one cyst called corpus luthem. Today we are also 19 weeks pregnant with a boy:-)

  10. I too have PCOS and was fortunately diagnosed at age 16. When my gyn told my mom and I back then what that meant she started praying right then for her future grand kids. I believe it was her faithful prayers that were fulfilled years later when I met my husband. We have 4 beautiful children now and I will soon be a grandmother myself come August. God certainly certainly answers prayer!

    • Awww I am so touched by your story!!! Absolutely beautiful.
      The POWER of prayer!!!! I, too, believe that God brought so many people together on our journey who were praying and loving us every step of the way and now, pregnant with 3, we glorify Him and thank Him for His wondrous ways.

  11. Just read about your story on Yahoo. No mention did it have of your belief in God. I knew however it was God’s doing, to show His faithfulness. Read your post, just as I expected. Today He reminds me of it through your story. God Bless you both and your little ones. May your testimony continue to bless others.

    • Awww… Thank you so much!!!
      We are so thankful to God for blessing us with our three little angels. The intricate details He designed for our story are perfection–even when I didn’t understand. He is so good and so faithful.
      I am so touched by your comment:)

  12. Hi, congratulations on your amazing pregnancy. Many many blessings to you both. I too was diagnosed with pcos. After 7 years and trying everything, we conceived my daughter. I’m sorry you had to take such a long journey, but Gods reward is so worth the wait. Have a happy Mother’s Day. God Bless!

    • Aww thank you so much!!!
      And congrats for beating PCOS!!! Such a joy to hear you have a daughter!!!
      God is so good–and His timing is more perfect than I ever knew!!!
      Thank you so much for sharing in the joy with us!

  13. Congrats! I am a mom to GBB 3 year old triplets. We also had IVF after a unsuccessful IUI. We tried for 9 long years and on the tenth year we were blessed with our 3 little miracles. GOD is good!!! Rest up bunches and get lots of sleep. Once their here rest is far and few between! And again Congrats!!

    • WOW!!! God is so so GOOD!!! What a blessing your trio must be.
      We are soaking in as much rest as we can. I know our lives are going to go upside down once they arrive-so looking forward to the wild adventures ahead.
      looking forward to being part of the triplet club!

  14. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I saw the article on Yahoo Parenting and love the gender reveal. As a mom of 13 year old triplets (and a 9 yr old) let me tell you it is a FUN journey! Enjoy every moment, even the ones that seem impossible. It is such a blessing.

  15. I just came across your blog. I don’t know you, but I feel I know you well since we are on the same journey. I am so Very Happy for you both. My Husband & I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 3 years. I am older & I think I have lost my chances now. But I don’t want to give up. I have nothing wrong, just that I am too old to have babies with my own eggs. So we are trying with donor eggs. I have been praying so hard, but I guess my time is not God’s time. I got so much strength reading your blog. We had 5 failed IUI’s & a failed IVF. I suffered so much for the IVF. So many shots & so much pain. We spent all the money we had. I am not from the US, I moved here from Sri Lanka after I married my Husband. So I can’t work yet. Therefore we are low on funds to spend on such things. My husband pulled out all his savings & that was our only try. I had so much hope. I just broke to pieces after it failed. All my dreams were shattered. I am an only child & my Mum is old. She is very keen on seeing a Grandchild before she dies. But I have failed her in this. I always ask the Lord “Why?” But then again who am I to Question my Creator. Each time I see any article about someone being Pregnant, I read it. That’s how I found your Blog. It’s so good to read about your Journey & How You went through it all. I wish We will be blessed like you one day. The Doctor wants us to try again, but it’s going to cost at lease 15K for another try. They are willing to do the transfer Free. This is only for the medicines. We really don’t have that kind of money, but we are thinking of trying to get a loan. No one feels the pain we go through. People can get loans for things they really don’t need. But we can’t get a loan for something we really need in our life.
    Please keep us in your Prayers. You are blessed God will hear your Prayers for others like you. I wish I knew what to do to collect funds to help us. But I have no clue. Please be safe & take care of yourself. I would love to keep in touch with you.
    God Bless you both & the 3 angels growing in you. I will keep you all in my Prayers. Please do Keep in touch if you have time. I would love to be friends with you. Where are you from? Which state? Good Luck.

      • I am from Phoenix Arizona. Happy Mother’s Day to you. You are always in my prayers. I think of you often & all the joy of your pregnancy. It must feel so good. Stay happy & blessed my friend.

  16. Wow, this brings back SO many memories… I did IUI and had two successful boys, two years apart, after miscarriage and 18 fertility cycles. My last try “for the girl”, had the clinic calling me to come back… I was sure it was another miscarriage. But my levels were through the roof… two heartbeats found, the next week, that third heartbeat, gestationally a week younger…two boys and a girl, born at 7 months, two days…make sure you rest, eat, eat, eat, they took everything… and now they are 21! One pre-med, one IT and one gorgeous girl. They did not need respirators but the boys took most of the nourishment & she was severely hypotonic and one boy was hypertonic… needless to say therapy and attention got her walking when they said never, like when they said you were never going to get pregnant… miracles, please,please take good care of you and them… lots of lotion to keep from stretch marks and eat. I ate carnation instant breakfast WITH my breakfast and I was put into the hospital Dec 2nd and they were born in the ice storm of DC’s history in 1994… they will be awesome, and I loved my alone time with them..

    • Dori–so so so great to hear from you!!!
      WOW!!! I am sure you experienced the same exciting shock that we did!!! wow wow wow
      I am certainly eating away. I am 20 weeks and all babes are doing great!! I am preparing for bed rest in a few weeks and our goal is 35 weeks:) I am so encouraged by your miracle story and your miracle babies!!!!
      Haha I am lackering cocoa butter and something my mom used when she was pregnant with my sister and i-mother’s friend. I use it all the time haha
      Thank you again for sharing your story–so blessed by you

  17. Hello and congratulations! I also have triplets (14 year old boys) and am in the San Diego area. We do have a support group that I think is wonderful for higher order moms in the area. We are called More the Merrier. We are on Facebook, please contact us. Once again welcome to the wonderful world of triplets!

    • Thank you!!! yeayy cannot wait to be apart of the triplet crew!!!!
      Ahh you’re in SD?? I am in Carlsbad!!! I will check our More the Merrier. I would love to be apart of a group–just requested to join on Facebook!
      THANK YOU!

  18. First of all I want to say congrats on the triplets! I am in the same place you are (sorta) my mom and dad were married for 10 years and in those 10 years tried to get pregnant. Unfortunately my mom had fertility issues just like you. Than my parents decided to try IVF. And they got pregnant with me and my two brothers. So just like you 2 boys and a girl. They were also told to do reduction. However they decided not to! We are 17 years old now and are healthy and happy! I love being a triplet! I wouldn’t trade it for the world! My mom said it defiantly can get tiring but she couldn’t be happier

    • Thank you SO MUCH!!!! We are absolutely overjoyed and so thankful for our hope babies!!!
      Wow!! Thank you for sharing—I am sure being a triplet is amazing–I cannot wait for our trio to be here:) the bonds they will share in as three!!! I am so encouraged by your story!!! So thankful for other options, such as IVF. 🙂

  19. Hi Desiree,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your triplets. Thank God for His bountiful grace. He works in way that we cannot comprehend and His timing is always perfect. 🙂

    I came upon your blog when I was doing a search in Yahoo. I must say that everything that you felt, the anger, bitterness, broken heart, jealousy, the 1001 questionings, the pain were all so real to me. My husband and I was married for almost 7 years and we tried to conceive for the past 2 years but to no avail. We found that there were some fertility issue with my husband and the doctor has kind of giving up the hope for us to conceive naturally. I have been clinging on God for the encouragement and strength that I much needed. Countless tears and wailing, and I almost slip into a depression at one time but Jesus lifted me up from it. Praise God and I found my way home in Jesus again through this Journey.

    I just want to say, Thank You for sharing your experiences with us. It really gives me encouragement and hope that miracle can happen. That God will answer our prayers at His time. Stay healthy Desiree, I will keep you in my prayer, for you and your triplets to be healthy and may you continue to be God’s vessel to testify of His goodness 🙂 God bless you and your family.

  20. Congratulations on your pregnancy and triplets! I can understand a little bit of what your going through. My parents had a hard time conceiving a child. They tried to have a child later in their life (30s and maybe 40s). They tried infertility treatments and had a miscarriage. Truth is I know very little about it. They ended up adopting my sister and I. My sister and I are not related by blood. I wish they had a biological child or adopted another child for my sister and I. I am very glad my sister and I had each other. I hope to have twins either adopted or biological. I secretly wish I had a twin.

  21. Hi !!! Congratulations on your pregnancy and triplets!!!! i am planning to go for my first IVF cycle in this jan . i was pretty optimistic about the chances of having a positive outcome till lately but the more that i search in the net the more results i am getting is of failed IVF which is making me pretty nervous. 

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