The Third Heartbeat


It was our very first ultrasound after we found out we were pregnant! I was elated with joy and anticipation. My beta levels were high, so I know we either had one super strong baby growing in my womb or both of our embryos took.

My heart was racing as Dr. Friedman began our ultrasound. I was overwhelmed with many emotions. I have had several ultrasound in the last couple years, but for the first time we would actually see a heartbeat in my womb. We had been waiting a long time for this moment. It didn’t take long before our doctor shared with us the big news:

“Congratulations, I see two heartbeats!!!”

Ryan and I were absolutely over the moon. TWINS!!! We have always wanted twins and felt for a long time that God would give us twins. I was so happy I don’t think I could have smiled any bigger. JOY was all over my face and we were succumbed with God’s complete faithfulness. Wow.

Our doctor continued the ultrasound. Suddenly, the demeanor in her face changed. My joy quickly turned into worry. I grabbed Ryan’s hand, as I feared something was wrong with our babies.  I could feel my heart rate increase. The palms of my hands were sweaty as I interlaced my fingers with Ryan’s. It felt like it was taking forever for her to share with us what she was seeing in my womb. Then, finally, very calmly, she said:

“Well, it looks like there is a third heartbeat.” 

For a split second there was absolute silence. 


I looked at our nurses, as I was experiencing my own state of shock. “Is this for real?” I kept thinking. They smiled big and nodded “yes!!!” I couldn’t believe it. One of our embryos actually split, giving us one set of identical twins and a fraternal triplet. “Ohhh my gosh!!!” It was exciting and overwhelming, but mostly our hearts were bursting at the seams with the greatest joy I have ever experienced. It was certainly quite the shock, but we were so happy. Wow!!! Three Babies!!! What an absolutely blessing.

Our Doctor was amazing and incredibly loving and respectful, despite the fact that she had deeply urged us to only transfer one embryo because of the chances of falling pregnant with multiples. Obviously, it was our own personal decision and we didn’t take her advice.  We knew when we chose to transfer 2 embryos there was a likelihood that both would take resulting in twins. However, we also knew we had a 6% chance that one of our embryos would split. 6%!!! I never imagined it would actually happen! However, God had different plans for us, much better plans!!

The journey we have been given on our road to parenthood is nothing what I thought it would be. There have been LOTS of tears, heart wrenching moments, physical pain, grief, jealousy, and a complete feeling of emptiness. However, despite how trying our journey has been, it has been the most hopeful, rewarding, joyful experience I have ever shared in. I wouldn’t trade our story for anyone’s because I believe that God knitted every detail of our story so perfectly, in a way, that not only are we abundantly blessed and blown away by His complete and utter faithfulness, but our story is one of HOPE. We have been so fortunate to have experienced so much love and support by those we are surrounded by and those we have never met before. You kept us going. You were strong when we were weak. You stood in hope with us. Your prayers mattered. Our story is a miracle, not just one, but three miracles! Hope can get you through anything. It is just a matter of standing tall and trusting in the Creator of the Universe knowing that He is good and His plans for you are greater than anything you could make for yourself.

9 thoughts on “The Third Heartbeat

  1. Wowzas! I am just in shock and awe! God sure loves to out give and go above and beyond what we could ever ask, think or imagine!! Congratulations!!! Xo

    • God is so so so good!!! He has definitely blessed us with more than we could have ever imagined!!! What a beautiful journey He has made for us. Thank you for the love and sharing int he joys with us xo

  2. Congratulations!!!! God surely did bless you! We went through the same exact thing you did. We also have 13 month old triplets! We have boy, girl boy. The first year has been the hardest for us, but it has been the best year of our lives!!! If you have any questions I would be more than happy to help!:) I delivered at 31wks exactly and now they are healthy and thriving!!! Soak it all in, it really is an incredible journey God has put you on! Again congratulations from another triplets momma! We will be praying for you and your little blessings to grow, grow, grow and that you have an was pregnancy! May God bless you!:)

    • Thank you so much!!! We are absolutely overjoyed and so excited for our adventures ahead.

      COngrats on your trio!!! HOW EXCITING!!! I would love to connect more. And love hearing advice from triplet mom’s especially because they know the wild ride ahead. Here is my email: if you want to send me some of your top tips:)

      Thank you for soaking in the joys with us. We truly couldn’t be happier. I am cherishing each day of our pregnancy and praying for nice healthy babes!!! Thank you for all your love!!! Congrats to you too!!! xo

  3. I am over joyed to find your blog and continue reading your journey. We also transferred 2 embryos and one split. We found out at 13 weeks we were having 2 boys and a girl. I agree about the questions asked during that appt. I think it’s a requirement but it feels so insensitive.
    I pray your journey is full of healthy ultrasounds and milestone memories. Infertility is hard, having multiples is rough but the reward far outweighs anything you can ever imagine.
    Good luck!

    • Awww yeayyy triplets club!!!! two boys and a girl too:) So fun!!! We are excited for all the wild adventures ahead.
      Yes-I think it is a required question too, but yikes. you know!
      Thank you so much for you prayers!! tHEY mean so much!!! We are 20 weeks today and doing fabulous. I know God will carry us through. When did you deliver? Our goal is 35 weeks.
      I am so thankful for our hope babies. Cannot wait to snuggle them in my arms!!
      All my love

  4. I should have grabbed some tissues before clicking play on your video. Yay! Triplets!! I wish you and your husband lots of luck with your three little blessings. And as I tell every pregnant mom, enjoy every minute of your pregnancy because this is the only time when they will be truly yours. Once those beautiful babies make their big debut, you’ll have to share them with the rest of the world! 🙂

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