The Transfer


We had been waiting for this day for awhile now. It was finally here. Mom picked me up for the transfer and we headed to my clinic. Ry was planning to meet us there. I had to drink a lot of water for the transfer so I spent the drive getting as much water in me that I possibly could. I was nervous, yet so excited. Ultimately, I knew that I had done everything physically possible to make this a success for us. I have walked this long journey in hope even on my hardest most broken days and on this particular day I knew ALL my hope laid at Jesus’ feet. He is the ultimate Creator and He would be the one to make life in my womb, so I trusted Him through every moment.

Our nurse took us back to the transfer room where the Embryologist came in to discuss our embryos. “So here are the 2 embryos we will be transferring,” she said as she showed us the quality of our embryos. They were fabulous. My heart was at such peace with choosing 2.  “They thawed beautifully and didn’t even need assisted hatching.” When she said this I was shocked!!! They didn’t need assisted hatching? Did I hear that right? Over the years I have learned more than I ever thought I would even know about pregnancy and the human body. The fact that any one person can get pregnant is truly a miracle.  So, when our Embryologist told us that our embryos didn’t need assisted hatching after being frozen for 2 months, it was quite literally a miracle…not to mention, a financial blessing. I got into my hospital gown and the nurse came in to do an ultrasound to see if I had drank enough water in order for our Doctor to see everything clearly.  I already had to use the restroom, so I was hoping it was as clear as day!

“I think you may have to drink some more,” she said.

Ugh, unfortunately, the odds were not in my favor. I drank. and drank. and drank. I drank for nearly 2 hours straight. My bladder was FULL!!!

Ryan finally arrived and I was so happy to see him.  He came in with a big smile like a proud Dad. He and Mom also got into their hospital scrubs.

They brought in our embryos in an incubater to protect them from being exposed to anything. Mom and Ryan got to look at them through a microscope, which was so fascinating. I was feeling really anxious because I had to pee so bad it hurt. Mom suggested we put on some worship music to help soothe my restless heart. We put on some music from the Bethel Pandora station, which was so incredibly calming.

Our Doctor came in and was ready to transfer our embryos.

“Alright, are we ready?” She said.

“Do you want me to hold your hand sweetie,” Ry asked me. To my surprise, I responded strongly with “No, I just have to focus, my bladder is going to explode.” I was in so much pain from having to urinate that I couldn’t think about anything else, but making sure I didn’t pee everywhere. Ryan and Mom stood right next to my hospital bed as we watched our Doctor  transfer our precious little snowflakes.

My heart was pounding. “Please God, let these embryos stick,” I prayed. Before I knew it, I was instantaneously succumbed in Heavenly peace as quite literally in the midst of our transfer, “It is Well” was playing. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing and was most certainly a God thing. Wow!

After the transfer, they asked if I wanted to use a catheter to empty my bladder.

“YES!!!” I have never been so excited to use a catheter in my life. Instant relief!

Our nurses wheeled me into the recovery room, where I laid flat on my back for about 30 minutes. Mom and Ry were there to keep me company. Some of our favorite nurses came in to check on me. I am truly so touched by the incredible amount of love and support our Clinic has shown us. “We just got pregnant,” I said with complete joy. “And we didn’t even touch each other,” my Husband said.

It was all in all a fairly quick procedure and my pain levels were a dream compared to what I experienced after my egg retrieval.  My orders were strict bed rest, so we went home where I laid on my couch for a few days and let our little snowflakes do their thing. I was allowed to get up to use the restroom, and that was it.

Our blood work was 11 days later. We were adamant about not testing for pregnancy at home, so the wait was on…



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